In the realm of online job advertising, companies now have two options to consider:

  1. Go direct and promote job listings on job boards, enter into individual job board contracts with each selected job board.
  2. Explore a new job advertising solution that allows companies to advertise across multiple job boards without committing to individual job board contracts.

Before making a decision as to which option suits your company, it is good to gain an understanding of:

  • Key essentials to running a successful job advertising campaign

Navigating the challenges of selecting the right job board

Key essentials to running a successful job advertising campaign.

To run a successful online job advertising campaign your online advert must be visible on all relevant job board platforms. Additionally, the candidate application process should be quick and simple to prevent candidate drop-offs. Ideally, you will benefit from an applicant tracking system to efficiently manage your advert responses and promptly communicate with applicants. This approach fosters a positive candidate experience and enhances your brand perception among job seekers in the market.

However, achieving these goals is no simple task, as it involves considering numerous moving parts and careful planning. Nonetheless, with the right job boards and tools in place, you can create a seamless and effective job advertising strategy that will attract top talent and strengthen your company’s position in the competitive job market.

Navigating the challenges of selecting the right job board

In the vast sea of job boards available, it becomes challenging to determine the most suitable job board to choose. Each job board aggressively promotes itself, presenting impressive statistics to persuade companies to sign up with them as their preferred platform. However, the complexity deepens as the job board that proves effective for recruiting human resources personnel may not be the ideal fit for filling finance or engineering positions. Additionally, job board contracts come with a hefty price tag, making it impractical to subscribe to all of them from a cost-effective standpoint.

Complicating matters further, candidates often register with only one job board due to the time-consuming registration process. Candidates prefer to search and apply for jobs on that specific job board because it streamlines the application process for them. As a result, it becomes challenging for companies to identify the job board on which the desired candidates they want to hire are registered.

In the end, a company faces the daunting task of selecting one job board, perhaps two, hoping that they’ve made the right choice and the job boards selected will have the most suitable audience to fill the bulk of their job vacancies.

The job board contract that is typically signed, is for an agreed-upon term, accompanied by a fixed number of job credits to use in that term. This introduces a new set of issues to consider. If, for any reason, the need to recruit diminishes during the agreed term, and the job board credits remain unused, they are lost entirely. This situation can be challenging for any company, as they have paid for a service they did not fully utilise or did not use at all. It becomes a tough pill to swallow, realising that the investment in the service did not yield the expected return or value.


It is with these crucial issues in mind, that Ntice has developed a job advertising solution that offers companies a cost-effective way to advertise online without restrictive contractual terms. Our platform enables companies to post their job vacancies simultaneously on multiple job boards of their choosing. By doing so, our clients can reach the widest possible online audience, resulting in increased application numbers and a higher likelihood of filling their roles through online job advertising.

Ntice provides you with the freedom to make choices and maintain control throughout the entire job board selection process. We are integrated to thousands of job boards across the EMEA region. You have the authority to decide which job boards to utilise, while our Ntice consultants offer valuable advice throughout the job board selection journey. Our guidance is entirely impartial since we have no allegiance to any specific job board.

Our main objective is to ensure your recruitment campaign’s success and achieving positive outcomes in your hiring endeavours. With Ntice’s support and unbiased expertise, you can confidently navigate the job advertising landscape and make well-informed decisions that align with your recruitment goals.

There is no requirement for a company to commit to a restrictive contract. Our job advertising solution operates on a flexible pay-as-you-go basis, allowing you to use it as needed. You are not bound to utilise a predetermined number of credits within a pre-agreed term, eliminating the risk of paying for unused job board credits. Our offering is designed to scale according to your business needs, always ensuring cost-effectiveness.

As part of our comprehensive offering, we provide software that provides you access to view your advert responses online from all the job boards in one centralised location. The Ntice job advertising software enables you to efficiently reach out and engage with candidates while seamlessly managing your entire recruitment process. This capability empowers your company to create a positive experience for all candidates who wish to work for your organisation. By streamlining your recruitment efforts and enhancing communication with applicants, you can establish a favourable impression of your company throughout the hiring process.

Moreover, you possess the ability to generate performance reports based on your job board advertising data.  You can then answer the crucial question as to which job boards offers your company return-on-investment. With our software, you can streamline your recruitment efforts and make data-driven decisions for optimal results.

Should you find that the advert response numbers are too overwhelming, and you lack the time to handle them all, the Ntice team is on hand to assist. Our team can log in to your system and manage your advert responses on your behalf. We offer a comprehensive suite of optional bolt-on services that you can choose to use at your discretion. These add-on services come at a fixed cost and are specifically designed to handle time-consuming tasks, including CV vetting and screening. By utilising these services, the time you save can be spent on more strategic recruitment activities.

The Ntice job advertising solution is highly effective for filling roles quickly and cost effectively. Join countless satisfied clients who have achieved their recruitment goals through Ntice. Our proven track record speaks for itself, making us the most comprehensive and flexible job board advertising solution available in the market.

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