Client Challenge

A well-known automotive services group was looking to hire a HR Manager. They had a limited budget and did not want to work with contingent recruiters. They had a large HR team with time to focus on recruitment however they lacked a database of candidates to approach on the role.

Ntice Approach

Having a good understanding of the HR market, the Ntice team knew this role could be filled using a job board advertising solution. The Ntice job board advertising solution offered included all the premium job boards across the country. Once the online advert was live, it would quickly attract applications of active career seekers. In this case, Ntice added in a complimentary LinkedIn listing to make doubly sure we received good applications numbers.

Ntice wrote the advert and posted the client’s advertisement across all the boards. The client very quickly gained access to a huge pool of HR candidates. The client was not tied into any ongoing job board contacts. As part of our offering, Ntice provided the client with software to access their advert response from all the job boards in one central location.


The client received 408 applications for the HR Manager role. Within three weeks of posting the job online they found their new HR Manager. They saved 104,500 by choosing the Ntice job board advertising solution instead of working with a contingent recruiter.