Client Challenge

A privately-owned pharmaceutical manufacturing company had two mid-level positions to fill, one in Human Resources and the other in Quality Assurance. The company was not interested in engaging with a recruitment company that would charge two expensive contingent fees. The client was looking for a more cost-effective recruitment solution.

Ntice Approach

Ntice offered the client two ATTRACT campaigns. ATTRACT is a fixed cost supported recruitment solution, ideal for attracting candidates for positions where there is a large pool of active career seekers possessing the required skills and experience in the market.

The aim of the two ATTRACT campaigns was to ensure that the clients’ vacancies had the widest possible online advert audience. This was achieved by posting the two adverts across all the premium job boards in the country. The applicants who responded to the adverts were then contacted by the Ntice team and screened to ensure suitability to the two roles. The unsuitable applicants were rejected by the Ntice team and only the applicants most suited to the roles were assessed and presented to the clients HR team. The clients HR team was then tasked to work through the manageable few suitably qualified and screened candidates.


Two ATTRACT campaigns were successfully completed with two placements made with a combined saving of 150,000k. By choosing a Ntice Cost Saving Recruitment Solution the client reduced their recruitment spend by 80%.