Client Challenge

A well-known hospitality group was looking for an experienced Financial Manager to join their team. The client was looking for a cost-effective way to recruit and did not want to attract a high placement fee. They were looking for a supported recruitment offering as their HR team lacked time to work on the role internally.

Ntice Approach

Ntice offered the client an IGNITE campaign. At the core of this IGNITE campaign was a comprehensive job board advertising attraction strategy. All the premium job boards in the country where used. The job boards included a LinkedIn job post and a branded social media job shout out. Being a hospitality leader within their market, Ntice utilised both the client and Ntice names in the advert copy. The role required a scarce skill, these sorts of roles are traditionally hard to fill through job board advertising. However, given the comprehensive job board coverage utilised, Ntice felt confident that this role could be filled through job board advertising.

The Ntice team posted the vacancy across all the key job boards and took the candidates who responded to the advert through a rigorous interview and vetting process. The Ntice team whittled down the numbers, until the 5 top contenders were identified and shared with the client. The fee offered to the client was very cost effective as there was no candidate sourcing component offered in this campaign.


The IGNITE campaign was successfully completed in 47 days. Of the 5 CV’s submitted, 4 were interviewed, with 2 candidates going to final interview and one offer being made and accepted. A saving of 150,000k was achieved.