Client Challenge

A SME IT services organisation was looking to hire an experienced IT Support Engineer. The client had been quoted fees from various recruitment agencies that were as high as 18%. The client felt that a fee of 108,000k for this hire, was too high. They were looking for a more cost-effective solution in filling this key IT role.

Ntice Approach

Ntice offered the client one ENGAGE campaign. ENGAGE is a fixed cost candidate attraction solution, best suited to roles where there is a high number of active careers seekers in the market with the required skills/experience.

The Ntice team ensured the clients’ vacancy was posted across all the biggest job boards in the country. Giving the client the widest possible advert audience and the best chance of finding a hire through advertised selection.

ENGAGE is a supported recruitment service offering where the Ntice team act as an extension of the clients’ HR team. The Ntice team took on several components of the recruitment interviewing process and quickly identified the top candidates within the advert response. The suitably qualified candidates were then shared with the clients HR team.


The ENGAGE campaign was successfully completed within 10 working days. The client hired an experienced IT Support Engineer and saved 89,750 by working with Ntice. The fee Ntice charged was 80% less than the original fee they were quoted from a traditional contingency recruiter.