Client Challenge

Our client, a well-known heavy manufacturing organisation, was in search of a highly experienced and technically proficient mechanical engineer for their manufacturing plant. The role required a scarce skill and specific industry experience, which could only be obtained from a direct competitor or a company in a closely related industry. The remote location of the role further limited the pool of potential candidates. The client needed a cost-effective search solution.

Ntice Approach

The most cost effective and best recruitment option for this position was the EXPLORE solution. EXPLORE is our fixed-cost search offering, where the client only pays for a portion of a retained search assignment, which allows Ntice is significantly reduce the search fee.

The campaign was led by an experienced technical head-hunter who identified candidates with the required experience from direct competitors within the market. These candidates were proactively approached and introduced to the role. The candidates where then interviewed, and the top candidates where then shared with the clients HR team. At this point the Ntice head-hunter stepped away from the campaign and the inhouse HR team took over the recruitment process.


The Ntice head-hunter shared 10 CVs with the client, of which 6 were interviewed. The client hired 2 mechanical engineers and paid one small, fixed cost fee. The client made a huge saving of 300,000k.