Client Challenge

A prominent not-for-profit organization was seeking to recruit two highly specialized professionals.  Finding candidates with these particular skills was challenging due to their rarity in the market. The client had attempted to fill the positions using traditional contingent recruiters, but with no success.

As a not-for-profit, the organisation had a limited budget and was unable to pay two recruitment fees based on a percentage of the candidate’s annual total cost to the company. As a result, they began searching for a recruitment partner with expertise in search and the capability to offer a more cost-effective search solution.

Ntice Approach

Ntice offered the client two EXPLORE campaigns. EXPLORE is a fixed cost search solution best suited to roles that are hard to fill, due to the scarcity of the skills required in the role.

The EXPLORE campaign involved identifying passive candidates through market mapping, targeting those who met the client’s brief and worked for key competitors. The passive candidates were directly approached and assessed to ensure they met the client’s requirements. Upon agreeing to proceed with the role, their CVs were shared with the client’s HR team. Ntice subsequently handed over the recruitment process to the client for them to proceed with their internal recruitment process.


The two EXPLORE campaigns were completed successfully, resulting in three successful hires. The bonus was that one of the campaigns yielded two candidates with the necessary skills to join the client’s team, two new hires for one fixed cost search fee. In the end, the client saved 300,000k worth of recruitment fees and achieved a 66% saving.