Client Challenge

A prominent company in the commodity trading sector was seeking a reliable executive search firm to expedite the recruitment process for a business-critical role. The client had been disappointed by their previous executive search provider, who violated their non-poaching clause by hiring a key executive they had placed in the business to join a competing company.

Ntice Approach

Ntice proposed our exclusive retained search service, which distinguished itself from typical executive search services available in the market in a variety of ways.

  • Extended guarantee period of one year
  • Affordable retainer not based on a 1/3rd of the full fee
  • Retainer became due upon the acceptance of candidates for first interviews
The consultant appointed to undertake the retained search was an industry specialist with a vast network of contacts, which enabled them to quickly identify and approach passive candidates. Additionally, Ntice agreed to sign a strict non-poaching agreement.


Ntice successfully completed the retained search assignment in just four weeks, presenting a total of six candidates, out of which four were interviewed. Two candidates received offers, both of which were accepted. One offer was for the original role Ntice was retained to fill, and the other was for another managerial position within the organisation.