Client Challenge

A global FMCG group was looking to fill a role in IT and a managerial role in Marketing. The client wanted to move away from working with contingent recruiters who charged expensive placement fees. Consequently, they were looking for a more cost-effective approach to hiring.

Ntice Approach

Ntice offered the client two IGNITE campaigns. IGNITE is a fixed cost, supported recruitment solution aimed at filling roles that do not require a search approach. IGNITE is a more economical alternative to working with contingent recruiters. The fee charged to the client is typically up to 80% less than a traditional contingent fee.

The Ntice team provided the same support that a contingent recruiter would offer, but at a fraction of the usual contingent cost. The IGNITE service ensured that the clients’ vacancies were posted across all premium job boards in the country, ensuring their adverts were visible to potential candidates online. The candidates who responded to the adverts were then taken through a process by the Ntice team, the top candidates for the role were interviewed, assessed and then shared to the client to then take through their internal process.


The two IGNITE campaigns resulted in successful hires. In fact, the Marketing IGNITE campaign led to the client making two hires, while being charged only one fee for the entire campaign. The client was able to make multiple hires for the cost of one. Overall, these two campaigns resulted in a savings of 351,000k in recruitment fees for the client, representing a 91% reduction in costs.