Client Challenge

A well-known BPO had difficulty meeting its headcount growth objectives. Despite having a sizable in-house recruitment team, they found it challenging to keep up with the demand for new hires.

Key challenges included:

  • Limited access to job board advertising
  • Lack of recruitment experience internally
  • No ATS to manage their recruitment process
  • Lack of exposure to emerging recruitment tools
  • Insufficient sense of urgency to fill roles
  • Exhaustion from handling too many vacancies
Due to these challenges, the HR team increasingly relied on recruitment agencies to fill job openings. However, this approach incurred a huge cost in placement fees and was not cost-effective in the long run.

Ntice Approach

Ntice presented the client with an RPO solution, which included an onsite recruiter, pay-as-you-go comprehensive job board advertising solution, and access to an ATS that the client could use as their own to manage their recruitment process.

The onsite recruiter, who was on the Ntice payroll, had unrestricted access to all necessary sourcing and headhunting tools to recruit both active and passive job seekers. The job board advertising add-on was available on an as-needed basis.

Furthermore, the Ntice team was available to assist the client with recruitment activities, if their in-house team lacked the capacity to handle the high numbers coming in from the job adverts.


The Ntice onsite recruiter placed 200 candidates during the first 12 months, which enabled the client to reduce their expenditure on contingent recruiters by 100%. Throughout this period, the Ntice team provided recruitment support services such as CV vetting, candidate screening, and video interviewing, to assist the client when needed. As a result, the client’s HR team had more time to focus on more strategic headhunting activities.